Education and Training

Hardee Consulting can provide support to those involved in, or responsible for, training in the firm, particularly those who may be new to the role.

A partner taking up the regulatory role of the firm’s Training Principal will need to understand the regulatory requirements attaching to the role.  Those taking on the mantle of Training Partner or Director of Training, may need support in developing and implementing the firm’s training strategy or training programme. Those in training manager roles can benefit from an understanding of how the training function needs to support practice, or from updates on the current and future regulatory legal education and training framework.

Specifically, Hardee Consulting’s services to legal service firms encompass:

  • Training ‘diagnostics’: to evaluate the effectiveness of the training the firm undertakes, and the return on value of its investment in training.
  • Training strategy development: to align the firm’s investment in training with its business plan by formulating a training strategy which underpins the firm’s business objectives.
  • Training needs analysis: to identify performance gaps and development needs in terms of knowledge, skills and attitudes within the firm.
  • Performance evaluation: to develop a competency framework and systems for effective performance appraisal.
  • Training programme design: to deliver training which is effective, as well as cost- and time-efficient, as part of an articulate training programme, at practice area, firm, or global level.
  • Training infrastructure: to ensure efficient ongoing management of training within the firm at the strategic, tactical and/or  operational levels of responsibility
  • Training regulation and compliance: to understand the regulatory requirements – current and changing – on firms in respect of the period of recognised training, Professional Skills Course and Continuing Professional Development and Continuing Competence, and those in specific regulatory roles of Training Principal and COLP. See mini-consultations.

Hardee Consulting can provide advisory or hands-on support, even acting in an interim capacity where necessary. However, Hardee Consulting’s ethos is to provide services which will enable a firm to do it for itself.  Much of the success of training comes from commitment, and that commitment is more likely where the firm takes ownership. To this end, Hardee Consulting can also provide an ongoing ‘watching brief’ service of coaching and support, if required.