Solicitors Qualifying Examination mini-consultation

The SRA is proposing to introduce a centralised Solicitors Qualification Examination at the point of qualification. This may also mean the removal of requirements for a law degree, LPC or period of recognised training. Although the SRA’s decision on the so-called SQE has yet to be made, firms are anticipating what the introduction of the SQE would mean for the future lawyers it would employ: what would they be able to do? What training would the firm be required to provide itself? What training would the firm need to subsidise if it recruits prior to the SQE? Would there be preferred qualification routes, should the SRA no longer specify – and validate – the law degree or Legal Practice Course?

This is largely crystal ball-gazing until the SRA has made its decision on the SQE, and has consulted and decided about entry requirements for the SQE should it be introduced. However, given that the SRA’s track record is to go ahead with proposals it puts out to consultation, firms may wish to anticipate now what may be (or is likely to be) around the corner, as sensible business planning. A mini-consultation can assist with this, by discussing the possible permutations and their implications.

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