LPC Trainees

LPC Trainee Monitoring service

Not all firms have the time, resources or even wherewithal to monitor their students’ progress during the Legal Practice Course, or to arrange contact with them – which is where Hardee Consulting can help.

Your firm, like many others, may recruit its future trainees before they have actually undertaken the LPC.  Whether or not you sponsor your students on the LPC, you will still be relying on the LPC to ‘finish’ your students so that they are ready for practice when they have completed the Course.

This means ensuring that your students apply themselves during the LPC, and learn everything they will need for practice when they start with you.  What you also want is the first day of the training contract to be a seamless transition into the firm, rather than a standing start.

Hardee Consulting’s new LPC Trainee Monitoring service takes the burden from firms of having to monitor their future trainees during the Course, whilst still optimising their investment in their future trainees. What the LPC Training Monitoring service includes is:

  • Meeting with your students at the start of the Course, explaining what the firm will expect of them during the year, and providing any other information you may want to pass on at that stage.
  • Monitoring your students’ attendance, participation and performance at whichever provider or providers they are studying. This needs to be done with the individual student’s consent, which you can require.
  • Gauging students’ experience of the course and of the provider  (particularly important if you are sponsoring students on the course)
  • Acting as a conduit for information and messages you want to pass on to your students.  This can include legal or practice developments outside the LPC curriculum, which you will expect them to know about when they start their training contract with you. Even acting as a conduit between you and the LPC provider, to pass on to the provider any particular requirements you have for your students..
  • Reporting to you on a regular basis (as agreed with you) on the results of monitoring and student feedback.
  • Advising you on what you can do to engage with your future trainees while they are on the Course, and even arranging these events or activities, if you would like.

Firms can tailor the service to their particular needs, with some or all of the above features.

The service is available from September, 2012 and for all LPCs in England and Wales.

If this service would be of interest to you and you would like to know more, please contact Hardee Consulting on 020 72670306 or at [email protected]